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Be the Spark

Be the Spark - Giving Levels

Each summer for the past 50 years, hundreds of students have attended Summer Leadership Workshop. During the five days they spend at Workshop, the students learn life-changing lessons about leadership, their peers and themselves. The students leave Workshop with new friendships, confidence in themselves and ready to make the world a better place. Your donation, which is tax-deductible, will go to the general fund of the Launch Leadership Foundation and will allow Launch to increase its scholarship offerings and staff more year-round leadership development services. You can choose the level that is right for you and the impact you want to have.


Carry the torch high and leave a lasting impact on Launch. By donating $10,000, you’ll light the fire in our organization and elevate what we do to new heights. Your donation will help us offer new leadership opportunities through expanded staffing to establish relationships with schools, communities and students across the region.


Fire Starters make a huge difference. At our services, we use the Fire to exemplify the drive and passion leaders use to make change the world. Your donation is the equivalent of sponsoring an entire co-op of delegates ($300 each) for one year and help light the fire in those students. Your gift can help us reach more students and provide opportunities to students who might not otherwise get them.


Every summer, hundreds of students attend Launch’s Summer Leadership Workshop to improve their leadership skills. The pinnacle of Workshop is Candles on the Hill, an experience where we demonstrate the impact of spreading the Fire to other people. By making a donation of $300 (or $25/ month), the same amount those students pay to attend Workshop, you can help Launch spread the Fire to a new group of students and help them experience the power of leadership.