We believe every student deserves the opportunity to discover their strengths and make a difference in their school and community. The more middle school and high school students who attend our services, the more positive impact we can have in our communities. To reach more students, Launch established a scholarship program to help students and families who don't have the financial means to attend our services.


Thanks to generous private donations, we offer two types of need-based scholarships for Workshop. The first is a full scholarship that covers all of the registration costs, and the second is a half scholarship, which covers approximately half of the cost of Workshop.

To apply for a scholarship for Workshop, complete the appropriate basic registration forms on the registration page. Scholarships for Workshop will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Applicants should know within a week of completing the scholarship forms whether they will receive a full scholarship, half scholarship, or no scholarship. We have a limited number of these scholarships available and will require applicants to submit financial information to ensure the scholarships are awarded to those who are most in need.

In addition, we also offer scholarships for several of our Leadership Retreats. The deadline to apply for a scholarship for a Leadership Retreat is usually about 10 days before the event. Applications for scholarships for leadership retreats are available on our events page.

If you have any questions about the scholarship program, please contact the Launch Executive Director Randy Hawthorne at randy@launchleadership.org.