Summer Homeshop 2020

July 5-18, 2020

Leadership is more important than ever! We're committed to helping students develop their leadership skills in every season. In order to keep our students, volunteer staff members, and campus hosts safe, our Summer Leadership Workshops are moving online in a historic first that we’ve dubbed "Homeshop."

Homeshop Overview: Homeshop will engage students online in Launch’s signature experiential learning activities, created and developed specifically for Homeshop. There will be co-op time as well as large group time for some of our classic programs like Morning Jam and the Talent Show. There will also be built-in downtime so students can take a break from screens and engage in our content with their families and friends, both in real life and through social media.

Homeshop Schedule: We recognize that our typical full-day Workshop schedule isn’t going to work in this new format. To fit as many of our signature activities, leadership fire and warm fuzzies into Homeshop as we possibly can, we’re shortening our days and extending the experience into our first-ever TWO-WEEK event.

Homeshop will take place July 5 - 18, 2020. Activities are scheduled Monday - Friday in morning, afternoon, and early evening time blocks with breaks at regular intervals. Students are welcome to pop in and out of Homeshop as needed, though everyone is encouraged to make co-op time a priority. We'll keep weekend programming very light. Your official Homeshop schedule will arrive later, but it will look something like this:

Homeshop Cost: $225

Visit our Homeshop Registration Frequently Asked Questions page to learn more about the Homeshop registration process and scholarship application process.

Sign up for one of our online Open Houses to learn even more about Homeshop and ask any further questions.

The Launch Leadership Volunteer Staff is so excited to continue our tradition of summer leadership programs in this season of life!

Can we count you in?