Summer Leadership Workshop


Frequently Asked Questions About Workshop

We are excited that you are interested in attending Summer Leadership Workshop! Below are some frequently asked questions that may help you in planning for the best week of the summer.


What is Workshop?

Launch Summer Leadership Workshop is five days of hands-on experiential learning where students can develop their leadership skills, make new friends, and generally just have a blast! Our curriculum is focused on the motto: “Never a lecture, always a lesson” and we are committed to engaging students in a method more engaging and exciting than any typical class or conference experience.

Workshop helps students grow as leaders through focusing multiple “Skills Tracks” hit on different aspects of personal development, group development, community development and more.

At Workshop, students do more than just work on their leadership skills; they discover a distinguished sense of self-worth. They leave their week with Launch having realized their full potential as leaders and as people. They leave prepared to make an impact on their schools and communities year-round.


What will my student be doing each day?

Students at Workshop spend portions of their day with a small group of 10-12 students and 2 Launch Staffers, or as we call them “co-ops." This group is made up of students from different schools and regions.

The rest of their time is with the entire delegation of students. Each day starts with breakfast and a morning dance party (called Morning Jam), followed by a day full of our hands-on curriculum in co-op, large synergy activities, supervised chill time, and more!

We will send you emails one month and one week out from Workshop with more details about what to expect, what to pack, etc. to ensure you and your students are prepared for the week.


Who will my student be their spending time with?

Your student will be learning alongside 10-12 other young leaders in what we call a “co-op” AKA a small group setting. We carefully choose co-op members to have a variety of backgrounds and school experiences to provide a new and challenging setting for students. We do not accept requests to place students in co-ops with their friends.

However, not all time at Workshop happens inside co-op. Students will spend portions of each day participating in large group synergy activities, morning dance parties, guided free-time, and even a talent show. Students also have the opportunity to meet with the organization they came to Workshop with to discuss issues or begin brainstorming for the school year ahead.

Your student will be guided by our dedicated Volunteer Staff throughout the week. Our Volunteer Staff is comprised of college students, professional educators, and professionals from all walks of life - each one of them is dedicated to giving your student the best week of their year. All Staffers have completed and passed an active background check and have gone through Launch’s rigorous New Staff Training program.


Can I make a roommate request for my student?

Our policy is to pair students with a random roommate. This can sound scary, especially for students on their first overnight excursion, but we have found pairing everyone with students from other schools has worked best. It sets the tone for opening up and meeting new people.

Additionally, our students are only in their dorm rooms from about 10:30 PM - 7:00 AM each day, and we do enforce quiet hours, so not a ton of time is spent with roommates regardless. Though, if there's ever a roommate conflict (which is rare), we definitely don't make students stay with that person. We find 99.9% of the time, Workshop roommates end up leaving as close friends.

That said, we do address any special considerations (ADA/allergies/etc.) in rooming requests, so do let us know if your student has special circumstances we should take into account.


What type of supervision will my child get throughout the week?

Students are constantly supervised by at least 2 Staff members. During meal times, students are taken to the cafeteria by the Staff. There are some free periods after meals where students are allowed to play four square, write letters or go back to their room briefly. However, Workshop sticks to a pretty tight schedule. To ensure all students are back with their groups, our Staff conducts "floor sweeps," checking all rooms and common areas to ensure there are no stragglers. Additionally, we utilize an app-based system that tracks where students have signed up to be during certain free times, and can contact the Staff members in that place. As a reminder, all of our Staff have completed and passed an active background check in order to staff any of our events.


How can I connect with other students attending Workshop and their parents (to coordinate logistics, travel, etc.)?

Launch currently does not have a system to share registrant information with others. However, we do have a large social media following of parents and students on Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to submit requests for connections through social media and we will do our best to push out the message.


What if my child needs to arrive late to Workshop?

The Launch Workshop curriculum is carefully and painstakingly planned to create an optimal environment for creating small communities and strong bonds. Each activity and day builds on the previous activities and days. Because of this, late arrivals can disrupt the atmosphere of each small group of students. Students attending Workshop must arrive no later than 1 p.m. on the second day (Wednesday) of Workshop. If a student needs to arrive late to Workshop, the student or guardian must contact Workshop Director Meradith Ganow ( as soon as possible.


What if my child needs to leave Workshop early?

The Launch Workshop curriculum is carefully and painstakingly planned to create an optimal environment for creating small communities and strong bonds. Each activity and day builds on the previous activities and days. Because of this, early departures can disrupt the closure process. Students attending Workshop may not leave earlier than the fourth day (Friday) at 4:30 pm. If a student needs to depart from Workshop early, the student or guardian must contact Workshop Director Meradith Ganow ( as soon as possible.


What if my child takes medications or has medical concerns/needs?

We have a dedicated medical staff of on hand for each Workshop. These Staffers will assist your student with medications, store medications if needed, and be on hand to assist if accidents or injuries occur throughout Workshop (alongside local emergency services).  


Just contact our Workshop Director, Meradith Ganow at and she’ll help you with anything you need.