Fire and Fuzzies

You're Making Launch Awesomer

Thanks for being part of our most successful Fire and Fuzzies to date! Fire and Fuzzies was hosted at Lincoln Station Great Hall on September 27.

You raised over $80,000 or the equivalent of sending 160 students like this year's Fire and Fuzzies speakers Trent Rood and Mariposa Kunze-Thonen to Workshop.

What is Launch? Launch intentionally creates a culture without outcasts. We provide a space where more than 1,800 students at our Summer Workshops and Year Round Services - are accepted - exactly as they are. There is something magical about that, as it opens up the door for authenticity and vulnerability. And, as a result, students develop new friendships, examine complex issues and uncover their unique set of leadership abilities and values. They leave full of hope with newly developed skills, friendships and a desire to impact others.

We want to invite you to Fire and Fuzzies 2020 to see what we do — and how it impacts where you live. At Fire and Fuzzies, we give you an inside look at how our approach and programming create a space where young people feel fully comfortable to be themselves, explore their values and chart a course for growth and success.

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