Important information to note before registering:

- The "Registration Information" should be the information of whoever is registering the student. "Attendee Details" is where you will put the student's information.

- Here are a few things you'll want to have handy to make your registration experience quick and easy:

  • Emergency Contact info
  • Physician Name & Phone Number
  • Health Insurance Company and Policy Number¬†
  • Student Allergies
  • Students Medication (and any other health info)
  • Individualized Education Program (IEP) - if applicable

- When applying for a scholarship, chose the "Need-Based Scholarship" ticket option. You do not need to chose any other ticket option as we will ask which workshop you would like to attend (JAM, SLW or ALW). You will also need to know your Gross Income for 2018 and the number of dependents in your household.

- If you are interested in setting up a payment plan, please use the discount code "paymentplan" when checking out. This will allow you to pay the $50 non refundable deposit and our registration team will reach out to set up future payments with you. 

If you have any other questions or issues during registration please reach out to us via email at!