Launch Leadership’s staff director team consists of six directors who oversee different parts of the organization's operations.

Megan Falke, Executive Director

Since 2001, Megan has been dedicating her free time to help strengthen and empower the youth of Nebraska. In her spare time she can be found practicing on her yoga mat, searching food blogs for recipes and chasing her two sons around the house. Megan spends so much time giving back to Launch because she likes working with the greatest group of leaders in the community and watching the self development that happens with the delegates as they take part in our services.

Amye Aggen, Service Director

An Iowa native, Launch has helped make Nebraska Amye Aggen’s permanent home. Amye looks forward to taking part in Launch activities all year long. Launch brings so much joy and satisfaction in her life. Amye has taken Launch into her job as a teacher and she has used what she's learned about making connections and helping students in her classroom find out their strengths. Outside of Launch, Amye loves to read mystery novels, snuggle with her cat and hang out with her family and friends.

Andrea Johnson, Volunteer Director

Andrea joined the Launch Volunteer Staff in 2005 after attending the legendary 30-person July Workshop. During the last 12 years, she has remained involved with Launch, despite living on the east coast and in the south while working at educational nonprofits. After working with students from all across the country, Andrea has returned to the Good Life with a renewed sense of purpose, knowing just how impactful and important Launch can be for young leaders. She currently works in the Alumni Office at Doane University, her alma mater, and in her spare time enjoys running (half) marathons, completing jigsaw puzzles (in marathon time) and listening to more than 16 podcasts a week.

Cohagen Wilkinson, Communications Director

Cohagen has been attending Launch services since 2003 and contributing to Staff since he joined in 2009. After graduating from Southern Methodist University, where he studied business management and computer science, Cohagen began working for Microsoft utilizing the skills he honed at Launch Summer Leadership Workshop to help large companies address business challenges with technology and improving change management. He is especially interested in helping Launch to grow our leadership development services into historically underserved communities while continuing to improve the way we share our organization’s story.

Kalissa Holdcraft, Workshop Director

Kalissa is an attorney who works with the Nebraska Court Improvement Project, overseeing a statewide juvenile justice reform initiative. She is happy to be back in Nebraska where she can work with motivated and engaged middle and high school students. Kalissa has dedicated her time to Launch as a Volunteer Staffer since 2008 and served as the Advanced Leadership Workshop coordinator and Programming Chair. One of her favorite topics of discussion with students is the importance of civic engagement. Her interest in civic engagement is evidenced by her personal heroes who range from Amy Poehler as Leslie Knope to Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg to Robert F. Kennedy. As a secret optimist, Kalissa loves the chance to meet students who truly believe they can change their communities and schools for the better.

Timmy Tamisiea, Curriculum Director

Timmy has been a Launch staff member for over two decades, focusing much of the last half on curriculum development.  When not working on Launch, he is a freelance artist in Los Angeles where he writes, directs, teaches and performs comedy. He earned his BA in Performing Arts from Marquette University and an MFA in Film Production from Columbia College Chicago. He has won numerous awards for his short films, most notably the short documentary Bob Seger Rocks. He travels the country not only performing comedy but also visiting colleges to teach students about the risks of alcohol use. An amateur marathon runner, he's also an avid cyclist, reader, video game connoisseur and comic book fan (with over 2,500 comics in his closet). He loves spending time with his wife, Megan, and toddler, Jack.